What does this Blog’s Topics of Adventure, Soul, and The Eclectic’s Collection mean?


Under this category you will see my adventures both big and small. I may be crossing the Atlantic, trying out a new restaurant, or going to a festival. If you want to see exciting places I visit or an event I am a part of this is the sections for you.


With this category you will get the conversations from my heart. What I am feeling, conquering struggle, self care, meditation, and mindfulness. If you are interested in feeling united and working towards our best selves then this is the place for you.

The Eclectic’s Collection

The most random category of all. I appreciate many interests in life. Somedays I am a mountain woman who is having high tea. Other days I am rock star from the 80s while reading classic literature. Sometimes at night I even become a full on yoga goddess. This is where I share whatever I am in love with at the moment. It could be anything from books to shoes to music. So, if you want to live the eclectic life; this is the area for you.