The Dusty Bookshelf

The Dusty Bookshelf in Manhattan, Kansas (there is also one in Lawerence, Kansas) is located in Aggieville on 700 N Manhattan Ave. Newly renovated after a devastating fire in 2017; the store sells and trades high quality used books, sells books online using various platforms, has a monthly literary calendar, a scholarly collection, and will gladly give you suggestions on the spot in the store.

Personally, The Dusty Bookshelf is one of (if not) my favorite bookstores of all time. Not only do you have a chance to purchase books at a local and independent bookstore, but you also get a place to relax, read, work, and meet like minded humans. Sitting areas are spread throughout the establishment. Assorted coffee and cookies are always on sale for purchase. Of course, I went for my usual chai tea latte, and The Dusty Bookshelf’s chai does not disappoint.

Besides books that are reasonably priced; they also sell games, puzzles, notebooks, stickers, pins, and other knick knack items.

My last books purchased there were Calm the F*ck Down: How to Control What You Can and Accept What You Can’t So You Can Stop Freaking Out and Get On With Your Life which is a hilarious and understanding take on how to deal with anxiety, and Agatha Christie’s The Body in the Library for only $5!!! I said reasonably priced!!

There are many genres of books in the store including, fiction, non-fiction, best sellers, history, young adults, children, spiritual and religion, self help, art, horror, mystery, sci-fi, and I definitely feel like I am missing some. Guess you will have to stop by to see the rest.

I highly suggest going to The Dusty Bookshelf whether it be for books, coffee, gifts, or community. If you cannot stop in check our their website where you can read more about the bookstore’s history, buy gift cards, see upcoming events, or shop for some of their items. Finally, they have a great instagram page to follow, as well.