Final Halloween Double Feature

Happy Halloween!

Need a final double feature for the greatest holiday of the year?

Well, we have to go with the films that have the Holiday’s name.

Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills is the Jacobs theater’s final double feature. Following the heroine Laurie Strode many years later; we get to see Michael Myers in today’s modern world. Rent the latest Halloween and find a theater for the newest edition, Halloween Kills, which just came out this October.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!


Halloween Double Feature Weekend 22-24

He’s here!

The Phantom of the Opera!!!

…er…or… Phantom of the mythical Jacobs Theatre

either or really

This weekend we are celebrating one of the original gothic horror stories. The Phantom of the Opera. Originally a book written in 1910 by Gaston Leroux (which he claimed until his death that it was based on a true story) there are now countless adaptations.

Starting our double feature weekend off we begin with the silent film The Phantom of the Opera from 1925 which helped inspire and to begin Universal’s monster movie universe. Perhaps you have heard of the movies Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf man, or Creature from the Black Lagoon? They owe it all the Lon Chaney as the Phantom in this silent film. The silent film can be found to stream all over.

The more well known version of the story is probably the 1986 musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber. Therefore, we are ending our double feature with The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary which is a recorded version of the musical in order to really get the correct theatrical feel!

So keep the hand at the level of your eyes as we journey into the pits of the Paris Opera house to find the musical man…or ghost. You can decide.

Halloween Double Feature Weekend October 15-17

We are celebrating the year 1990 here at the Jacobs Theatre for our third weekend of Halloween Double Features. Why are we celebrating 1990? Because why not? The rest of the world seems to be! So, stuff your fanny packs full of candy, feed your Tamagotchi before you leave, and throw your Back Street Boys CD out the window because we are heading to the movies.

This weekend is featuring Arachnophobia and Flatliners. Both films were released in the 1990s though you can find them on modern streaming services like Hulu today.

Get your tickets ready and tighten your scrunchies because it is going to be a wild and spooky night.

Halloween Double Feature Weekend of October 8-10

Welcome to another weekend of the Halloween Double Feature at the Jacobs’ Theatre!

We all know the story. A group of strangers meet at a house on an island. One is murdered. One is a murderer. Theres no escape! Find out who the murderer is before you are the next victim!

Thats right we are going with the most classic whodunnit of them all. And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

This weekend’s double feature is actually a treat because it is two parts creating one epic story. Check out on Amazon Prime for the series of And Then There Were None by the BBC.

So grab your popcorn and watch your back. There is a killer on the loose.

Halloween Double Feature Weekends

Happy October!!!

October is my favorite month of the year because I get to celebrate the best holiday of all the holidays, Halloween! And I celebrate it all month long. Two years ago I began the Halloween Double Feature Weekends at the mythical Jacobs Theater. I’ve decided to take the event to the internet!!!

Each weekend in October the “Jacobs Theater” holds a night of two movies within the theme of Halloween. Often weekends had their own theme as well, such as women of the 80s, witchy weekend, or I scream, you scream, we all scream. I would present the movies with a promotional post, so the ticket holders (my friends) knew what was playing that weekend.

I’m very excited to share the Jacobs Theater’ Halloween Double Feature Weekends with you all. I hope you find the movies and enjoy them over the weekends too. So! Let’s get started.

Another year of Halloween Double Features have begun at the Jacobs Theater this fall, and we are starting it off right with the king of Halloween. No not Michael, not Freddy, but good old Tim.

Tim Burton has a plethora of ghoulish movies, but the Jacobs Theater is presenting Edward Scissor Hands and Corpse Bride this evening.

So grab the popcorn, grab your skeleton Jack socks, and light a pumpkin candle because Halloween Double Features have risen from the grave again.