Reaper Reviews

Yesterday, I suggested some of my favorite TV shows to watch. One of those shows is the wild ride called Sons of Anarchy. A massive hit for years now; the show is about a motorcycle club who sells guns and deals with struggles between enemies and themselves. You know who also loves Sons of Anarchy? The cast!

Theo Rossi and Kim Coates who play Juice and Tig have a podcast and youtube channel called THEOry: Reaper Reviews. The men review episodes from Sons of Anarchy where they discuss personal acting techniques, behind the scene stories, motivations and questions surrounding the plot, and constant praise for the show. If you are a Sons fan… this is the show for you.

I especially love Rossi and Coates’ podcast due to their acting insights and appreciations. As an actor myself I lean towards the ideas they express in their show.

Finally, the joy they have creating the show, and the love they have for Sons of Anarchy is infectious. The men started the show in hard core lock down in 2020. Since then it has grown tremendously for being a light in this crazy time. The podcast not only focuses on the TV show, but also promoting kindness, love, nostalgia, authenticity, and camaraderie through this fictional motorcycle club’s adventures. They have created a subscription on Patreon that allows members to get early access to the podcast, merchandise, lives, and the men’s other podcast THEOry where they talk about much more than SOA.

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