Not feeling Halloween Movies? I got you covered.

Not feeling Halloween Movies? I got you covered. Here are some recent and old finds if you need a movie to watch if you are not in a ghoulish mood.

Home Again- Watch it on Netflix! A new single mom (Reese Witherspoon) allows three young filmmakers to live with her and her children, but her estranged husband returns and complicates things.

The Guest- Okay… so maybe this one could fit into Halloween genre, but it really is more a thriller. A weird thriller. A stranger claiming to be a friend of a family’s lost son. That is the generic summary that Netflix gives, but it is only so accurate. Honestly, without telling you the whole story and spoiling everything… I cannot give you a summary…It is that wild of a ride.

Love, Rosie- Want a quirky romance? This is the movie for you. Best friends Rosie and Alex are suddenly separated when Alex goes to school in America. Can their friendship survive years and distance? Will they gamble everything for true love? I personally LOVED this movie, but I am a definite fan of slightly unique quirky characters.

The Holiday- Not a recent find for me, but a favorite. This is for anyone who wants to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving and get right to Christmas time. Two women stuck in relationships not working decide to switch houses and go on a holiday. I love the fact it is two main characters with two stories happening in different parts of the world. Plus, even though it is a romance; I enjoy the inspirational aspects to it.

Carrie Pilby- Continuing on with quirky characters; you cannot get more quirky than Carrie Pilby. A genius, she graduated college early and is trying to figure out her way in life with her therapist’s list of accomplishment she must gain. It is not as sappy as it sounds.

To The Bone- But hey! Maybe you are wanting something a little more real, and sad. We all need those too. Ellen deals with anorexia nervosa and goes on a journey both harrowing and funny at a group home. Now if you suffer from eating disorders; I will say be careful in deciding if this is the movie for you.

Jaws- Why not end with a classic right? Sure, it can be scary, but it also brings solid summer vibes if you are missing them as we enter into fall. Even better have a Jaws marathon and have your own personal shark week.

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