GLow. The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. one of my favorite tv shows of all time.

GLOW is a Netflix original based on the 1980s women wrestling circuit of the same name. It begins with the season one premise of creating a new wresting show about lady wrestlers on television in L.A. It follows the lovely lady wrestlers, their director, and producers through two more seasons ending up in Vegas. The show not only focuses on these actresses learning how to wrestle, but also the successes and failures in different areas of their life. It tackles issues such as inequality, racism, and hate crimes. Other themes explored are mental health, loyalty, friendship, love, found family, and as tacky as this sounds… being yourself. Finally, it is just a great example of strong women. I want to do what they do! I first watched GLOW about a year ago during a very hard period of my life. I just began my second year of grad school, and I lost two family members within a week. I became immersed in this show. I had never seen a TV show, so directed towards strong, unique women. Also, covering struggles that women go through in the working world especially a show business world.

On top of that these women are not the typical horrid towards each other as seen in other shows. Yes, they have fights because how could you create a TV plot without it, but they have such an appreciation and love for every member of their wrestling team. They help each other go through eating disorders, divorces, being a single mother, identity crisis, sexual assault, and many other problems. They also celebrate such wholesome, beautiful moments, as well. These actresses are amazing. The writers are amazing. Some of the beautiful moments they share include celebrating a birthday at a roller rink, first day of work photos, a balloon fight in the dressing room, or riding the elevator together to their opening night party. It is so simple and sweet, yet so monumental. I mean they begin this show with one of their main characters expressing how in the 1980s there are no good acting parts for women, and then they create both a great fake and real TV show that dives into great roles and ranges for these women!

Glow honestly has changed my life. From watching this show I feel like I have become more fearless. I feel I am able to go after things I want. I feel I can be myself. I feel I can actually say my opinion. I feel I can accept others and their quirks more. I am just not as nervous or afraid to be different, or go do different things then the people around me. I think I honor what is special to me even more. After seeing these actresses as lady wrestlers love something so unique and each other; how can I not be inspired to do the same?

So, if you are over the age of 17; I highly suggest watching GLOW on Netflix. However, I will warn you the COVID pandemic canceled season 4 which was going to be the final season of GLOW. Therefore, the show ends without feeling finished. I get angry still when I think that such a beautiful and inspirational story like GLOW will not get the ending it deserves. It is an injustice. It is insulting to the art they created. I would wait five years for it to be safe for them to act together again in any form rather than cancel it all.

Netflix you have inspired many women out their because of GLOW, and I believe you absolutely let them all down. As the characters say in the show about their own version of GLOW… you created something special… and I think you need to fix it. GLOW deserves a real ending.

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