Il bel far niente

Il bel far niente is Italian for the beauty of doing nothing. For my first post of exploring some of the inspirational quotes from Eat, Pray, Love; I explore the idea of doing nothing.

How many times do you feel upset for what you deem being lazy? We have this idea in our minds that in order to enjoy free time we have had to earn it? But why? Why do we not already deserve to relax? To enjoy? To do something for the pure pleasure of it, and not as a reward.

In Eat, Pray, Love the author Elizabeth Gilbert first learns this idea during her time in Italy. While in Rome she eats, learns Italian, wanders the city, and makes new friends. However, she cannot get over this idea of feeling guilty for giving herself this respite. Her new Italian friends introduce the concepts of dolce vita (the sweet life), Il bel far niente (the beauty of doing nothing), and l’arte di arrangiarsi (the are of making something out of nothing) in order to guide her out of her guilt.

Such as Elizabeth, we too need to understand the idea of not needing to earn pleasure or rest. We need to be like the Italians, and have no doubt we deserve it. There is something so beautiful about enjoying the simplicity of doing nothing. A sweet simple life. Sitting on the porch watching the sunset, sipping tea while reading a book, wrapped in a blanket by a fire, floating in a pool, and maybe eating the entire pizza!!!

You deserve it!

You deserve it!

You absolutely deserve it!

You can make your lunch into a beautiful moment of life. Make your afternoon a beautiful moment in life. Make your life into something… because you took the time to understand that it’s rest, enjoyment, and pleasure that make life. So, do not deny your self a cookie or going to bed early. Do not stress about deadlines. Live your life as sweetly as possible. You do not always have to be giving 110%

I leave you with this quote from the novel to continue on with pondering on how to find the balance of adding the sweetness of nothing into your life.

“The culture of Rome just doesn’t match the culture of yoga… Rome and yoga don’t have anything in common at all.”

Eat, Pray, Love

Now, I am not providing this example to say do not ever practice yoga in Rome. I am showing you even though you may be an avid practitioner of yoga or eating only vegetables during the week; there is a time and a place. Sometimes it’s yoga time, sometimes it’s Rome time. Sometimes it’s time to work, sometimes it’s time to relax. However, your relaxation does not depend on how much work you do. It depends on what your body and soul needs.

Go out and have a sweet life of nothingness my friends.

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