Words Have Power

“Perhaps there is some secret sort of homing instinct in books that brings them to their perfect readers.”

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

Perhaps there is? Have you ever felt that a book or a quote came into your life just as you needed it? I often have had this moment. I had that moment not once, but twice with The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society. It happened two years and then back in March of 2021. So, not only did this book (and great film) come into my life when I needed it too; it also gave me a quote to express a phenomenon that I have experienced my entire life. Now you Guernsey fans do not get too excited this isn’t necessary a post about the The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Pie Society. Though it is a great book and film that I highly recommend.

No this about the idea of books coming into your life when you need them. I recently had this happen to me again with Eat, Pray, Love. I know what you are thinking. Haileigh… are you a middle aged woman?

Yes, Yes I am.

But all jokes aside, this book was a God sent to me. Not only did I go on an escapism story, but I also feel I did real therapeutic work on myself. I have been struggling to find next path in life. I mean there is so many opportunities out there. How do you choose one? So, you attempt to go a million different routes because many one of them is your next adventure. However, when you try to do a million things to find the right thing: you are obviously going to get some rejections. I became overwhelmed and defeated. I thought I was stuck and wrong. This causes me on a Monday night laying on my couch and eating ice cream. I watch Eat, Pray, Love for the first time.

I am hooked.

Sure, it was different circumstances, but this woman is feeling what I am feeling. How did this just appear! I must read this book!

The quotes that come from this book that applied to me is immense. By immense I mean four notebook pages full. Front and Back. Yeah, I wrote the ones down that I liked.

Don’t we all do that in some way though? You see a quote you like on Pinterest or Twitter, and you share it with your followers? You buy ones at Hobby Lobby that speak to you and hang them in your home. Words have power. They make you think. They make you feel. Hell, my tea bag had a quote on it the other day, and I called my mom and told her it may just have changed my life… I am also very dramatic though…. but that is besides the point. Words can move you and make you think.

I want to share some of my favorite quotes from Eat, Pray, Love over the next few weeks, and propose what ideas they spurred in me. These words helped me pick a path, and begin a new adventure. A small adventure, but it is still a new one. I hope maybe they bring comfort and sparks of genius to you, as well.

I will leave you with one today.

“I am right here. it is Okay. I love you. I will never leave you”

Eat, Pray, Love

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