I am still learning about my blogger self. How it works, how I should set up my blog, what to post on, when to post, and many more considerations are slowly being learned and taken into place.

You may have noticed The Eclectic got a physical update with a new layout and color arrangement.

Well, another change has appeared!

I have been blogging for over a month now, and realized what I enjoy blogging more about. I thought I was going to go full on lifestyle blog and share my love of fashion and home decor aesthetics with you all. However, I never wanted to write about it when an idea popped in my head. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion and home decor aesthetics, but I realized that is not what the main topics of my blog should be. Yet, the beauty of my blog is that I still can blog about those topics when the mood finally takes me.

So, we had a new development in content approach! Therefore I announce the new topics of the blog. (They are still slightly similar) We are now…

The Eclectic: A Life of Style, Soul, and Adventure.

That is right! I only changed a word. I felt the others still very much applied.

I will be diving more into the topics I have been interested in such as the adventures I take, how my soul feels, and then any other idea that has been fascinating to me. Wow, obscure… I know. 😉

You can check out our ABOUT page to get a general feel of The Eclectic, or check out the new TOPICS page that goes into detail of the areas explored in this blog.

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