Fear Street

I have really been enjoying the 70s-90s aesthetics coming back into style. The time period has really been making its way into the cinematic world. Netflix is on fire with it having shows such as Stranger Things and Glow. This month the streaming service pulled out a new trick.

Netflix has been releasing a trilogy of movies for three weekends in a row this July. The Fear Street Trilogy is based off of a book series by Goosebumps‘ author, R.L.Stine. Don’t let his past work fool you; the trilogy is not for kids. Each movie has an overarching story that is dealt with in three years of the fictional town, Shadyside. Fear Street Part One: 1994 and Fear Street Part Two: 1978 have already been released. Fear Street Part Three: 1666 comes out this weekend. So, you have time to catch up before the finale premieres on Friday the 16th.

I have personally been exploring lately the time period and B Horror/ Thriller movies, so I was extremely excited with this sort of vibe being placed into these films. I have watched the first two, and was generally quite pleased with them. 1978 has been my favorite of the two, so far. You definitely have to watch them in order, and remember when watching the first film to not get frustrated; you will get more answers as time goes on.

I highly suggest watching Netflix’s Fear Street now or when spooky time comes around.

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