Hotel Phillips

The Hotel Phillips by Hilton is a hotel that allows one to step back in time when visiting Kansas City, Missouri. I recently experienced this time traveling hotel myself. Located on 12th street the hotel was built in 1931. The hotel still has its Art Deco architecture style throughout the building with a more modern room setting. Hotel Phillips is even on the list of National Register of Historic Places. The lobby contains an eleven-foot sculpture of the Goddess of Dawn created in 1931. Before the Hotel Phillips was built another hotel was built on the spot, the Glennon Hotel. This hotel had a haberdashery shop opened by President Harry S. Truman. The Hotel Phillips is surrounded by theaters, restaurants, convention centers, and the Power and Light District.

My favorite part of The Hotel Phillips is that it homes a contemporary reincarnation of a 1930s speakeasy. The P.S. Speakeasy is only accessible by an unmarked door in an old mail room of the hotel. It serves its own handcrafted cocktails and an assortment of wine, bourbons, and whiskies. Remember though, this place is secret so shhhh 😉

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