Brain Power and Therapy

As many did in the time of quarantine, I tried out puzzling to pass the time. I became hooked. My brain goes a million miles an hour constantly over a slew of different topics. I found puzzling to become a therapeutic activity for me. I like to solve problems, therefore I found out when I start a puzzle it takes up most of my attention. I have such a strong urge to solve them and solve them fast. I know when I put it that way; it sounds like puzzles are a problem for me. However, it forces me to practice the concept of being mindful. I focus only on the puzzle, and not on another million other topics at once. It allows me to become calm by just giving my attention to the one task at hand.

To enjoy a puzzle I have to enjoy the type of art style and subject matter of puzzle. I think so many people think of puzzles as only looking like the painted landscape that could be on our grandma’s calendar. However, in my search of puzzles I have definitely found an art style I enjoy. I often focus on women empowerment puzzles. Self care and space puzzles have also been interesting topics to me. Puzzles’ images that I have completed have included women of history, women of art, girls’ road trip, and home scenes.

I have purchased my puzzles from many small businesses. I highly suggest you support your own local small businesses, or go on a road trip to other downtown areas in search of puzzles. Two of my favorite stores I have purchased my puzzles from are Be Made in Hays, Kansas, and The Market Shop in Salina, Kansas. However, I know it is not always possible to support small businesses when in search of something specific. I am a frequent Amazon shopper. If you are interested in any puzzles I have displayed click on the picture to a link where you can purchase the item.

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